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What does housing disrepair mean?

When a property requires repairs to make it safe to live in, it’s considered to be in disrepair. In rented accommodation, landlords must carry out repairs when a tenant brings it to their attention.

If your landlord fails to carry out repairs within a reasonable amount of time, you may bring a claim against them.

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What counts as housing disrepair?

Maintenance issues which cause health problems, or directly put anyone in the household at risk, or cause high and sustained levels of stress and suffering, can be considered housing disrepair. Here are some common examples:

  • A faulty boiler or heating system
  • A faulty gas, electricity or water supply
  • Damp and Mould
  • Vegetation growth/build-up on the building’s exterior
  • A faulty toilet, bath, shower or sinks
  • Broken or faulty guttering, downpipes or drainage
  • Damaged or worn brickwork resulting in damp or leaks
  • Unsafe flooring
  • An unsafe staircase

Can I bring a claim for housing disrepair?

If you have reported your problems to the landlord but it has not been fixed within a reasonable timeframe, you may be able to bring a claim.

Your home is your castle, and nobody should have to tolerate living somewhere that is unsafe or not fit for purpose. We at Pure Legal take housing disrepair seriously, and it is our pleasure to pursue rogue landlords on your behalf. We will ensure your rights are not ignored. Our team of expert solicitors specialise in getting justice for you.

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